Perms versus NuWave

Perms versus NeWave

Yes, Perms are back!!

With spring in the air and the current trend for texture, volume and curls, perms are making a comeback.

Although many of us, myself included, have fond memories of the 80’s perms, we also remember the less attractive frizz and damage they caused to the hair.

Fortunately, they have improved!! There are now more techniques being used to limit damage as well as the ability to create more than one finished look. There’s still the option of big corkscrew curls, but looser, beachier waves are also now possible as well. On the whole the modern perm is much softer as technology and desired results have moved on.

The traditional perm is still available which has a stronger curl and has to essentially grow out. Even though they are more gentle than the perms of the past they still leave some damage to the hair. New to the market, Goldwell has just launched their Nuwave with the slogan “Don’t call it a perm! It’s a New Wave!”

The beauty of Nuwave is in the technology. Using what they call ‘a smart control bond system’ the process of reaching the desired beachy soft waves is much more gentle. So much so it can even be applied to damaged or lightened hair. The end result can also be customized to your liking with the choice of a Classic Beach Wave, Barely There Wave or Voluminous Bouncy Wave.

The waves that are created are very gentle and need to be coaxed into action or allowed to just add texture leaving the choice up to you. This means it’s a perfect styling foundation for a more polished look, great for events such as Weddings and Graduations. With its gentle versatility it can also be combined with highlights to
create that beachy, wavy, sun-kissed look!

The other advantage to the Nuwave is that it lasts up to three months and in the end leaves absolutely no damage behind as it simply disappears with no need
to grow or cut out. Whether you choose Nuwave or a more traditional perm to create that beachy flow, the end result is a beautiful summer choice for all ages.

Perms versus Nuwave

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