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Perms versus NeWave

Nothing Means More To Us Than Happy Customers.

I remember seeing signs in service establishments many years ago, not to date myself but long before Social Media and online reviews were a thing. These vintage signs would ask customers to help spread the word if they were happy about the service they received. They said something like:

If you are not happy tell us, if you are happy tell others!

When you saw that sign, chances are you already received great service from that establishment and you wouldn’t hesitate to tell your family and friends about it.

This word of mouth, referral style of marketing has all but been replaced today with online reviews.

We know that customers spend a lot of time reading reviews before they even make the decision to call, book or visit Chez Soi and that is why reviews, like the one above that was posted to our Vagaro site, are so important to us.


We would just like to say Thank You to everyone who has supported Chez Soi 1912.

So we just wanted to take a second to ask you, our most valuable clients about the service you have received when visiting Chez Soi.

If you were happy with your most recent visit, it would mean a great deal to us if you could click one of the icons below and give us a 5 star rating or recommendation and write a few sentences to let others know what you liked most about our staff and services.

Google Reviews

Google Reviews are incredibly important in helping customers to discover our business and the services we provide.

Facebook Reviews

Facebook Recommendations also help us to connect our online communities.

Please Tell Us

If for some reason, you weren’t completely satasifed with your Chez Soi experience, please click contact us to let us know how we could have made your experience more enjoyable. We are grateful for your feedback!

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