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welcome to CHEZ SOI 1912

A Luxury Cochrane Salon Experience

A new experience with an established history opened in Cochrane AB on December 1st, 2019. Escape from your world into a fusion of vintage and modern where history collides with the latest in modern beauty trends, products and services. Situated in the shadows of the Rocky Mountains, you will feel ‘At Home’ in our Cochrane hair salon and restored 1912 Heritage Home…

COVID-19 Appointment Conduct
Please Read:

MASKS: Clients are free to come in upon arrival as long as they are wearing a mask. We have disposable masks available if needed.

HAND SANITIZER: We will provide hand sanitizer when you enter the salon. We will also have wipes and spray for you to sanitize your credit /debit card as well as your phone.

CLIENT ONLY DURING APPOINTMENT: When you come for your appointment please do not bring children, spouse or friends with you. Again we need to control the amount of people within the salon at all times.

PRODUCT PURCHASES: We will continue to have our retail available to you but you will be assisted by our receptionist. She will offer you any product you wish to look at then sanitize the item before it is put back on the shelf. This will make it easier for us to ensure that the retail remains sanitized more effectively.

MUST WEAR A MASK: All the stylists will also be wearing a mask at all times.

THOROUGH SANITIZATION: The stylist will be using hand sanitizer on an ongoing basis throughout the day. Our hands will be sanitized between each client as well when we return to the client if we have left him/her for any reason. The salon chair and the sink station as well as any cutting tools will be sprayed with sanitizer and wiped clean between each client. Each client will have a fresh gown and cape.

Our goal is for everyone, clients and staff included, to feel safe in our salon. We will continue to stay informed of any measures Alberta Health may decide is necessary and make the any required adjustments. We appreciate your patience and cooperation and your continued support during this challenging time. ?

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Hair Salons Cochrane: The Deva Haircut

Professionally trained in New York, Ziane will be offering his innovative cutting technique to her hair salon team as well as to her future clients. The Deva hair cut is designed specifically for curly hair of all kinds.

It’s not a craze, it’s Revolutionary!

Hair Salons Cochrane that offer Goldwell Colour

One of the leading brands  in the hair care and beauty industry and a staple in our hair salon, Goldwell has a shade for everyone. Whether you want to enhance your natural beauty or transform your world with a bold and daring color.

Goldwell brings virtually any wish to life with shine and radiance.

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Chez Soi is proud to partner with the finest professional estheticians and brow artists that salons in Cochrane have to offer. Click below to learn more about making the most of your visit to Chez Soi.

Our professional massage partners are trained in a variety of massage therapy disciplines offering treatments that relax, relieve pain and keep your body moving. Make it a part of your regular visit to Chez Soi.


Find Your Eminence Natural Skin Care Solution


Mangosteen Gel Moisturizer


Reveal a photo-ready complexion with this lightweight gel-cream moisturizer. This unique pore-minimizing, hydrating formula begins as a dewy gel then beautifully melts into the skin for a smooth, matte finish. For best results, layer over the Mangosteen Daily Resurfacing Concentrate.


Mangosteen Revitalizing Mist


Escape to paradise with every spritz of this invigorating facial mist. A dreamy combination of antioxidant-packed mangosteen, energizing ribose and pore-refining red clover work in perfect harmony to revitalize the skin.


Mangosteen Replenishing Hand Cream


Treat your hands to mangosteen bliss with this luxurious hand cream. With each application, this silky formula gently resurfaces to reveal soft, youthful-looking skin and provides long-lasting hydration.

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Hair Salons Cochrane: A Unique Experience


Ziane has been a member of Green Circle Hair Salons since June of 2017 and in that time has sent over 100 lbs of beauty refuge to be recycled.

Every small act a person can do can add up and make a big difference for our environment.

With the help of Green Circle Hair Salons, Ziane has reduced her waste to just short of nothing. We are proud to continue doing our part for the planet.


More About

Ziane & Chez Soi 1912

Chez Soi, French for ‘at home’, is an extension of an existing Cochrane business that is 9 years in the making. Formerly operated as an in home hair care business by Ziane Stanley, Chez Ziane’s.

1912 refers to our Cochrane AB Heritage home, the year of construction and a much simpler time. We believe you will feel ‘At Home’ and escape in relaxation with every visit to our hair salon.

You can follow everything about our story, renovation and evolution by connecting with our Social Media Accounts, we hope you will!


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