The Curly Cut

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Deva Curl

The Curly Cut…

This cutting technique has removed a lot of the guessing when cutting curly hair and it’s our specialty at Chez Soi. In the past a stylist would normally wash the hair, cut it, blow dry the hair straight, then check and tweak the cut of any imperfections. The client would then go home and the stylist would cross their fingers and hope the hair would still behave properly when worn in its natural curly state.

Though I have been cutting curly hair with some success, I still felt like it was still a bit of a hit and miss, especially when meeting a client for the first time. Now, armed with this technique, the hair is left as it lives naturally, then it is sculpted into the desired shape. It is always fun to cut the hair, curl by curl, and watch it grow to its fullest expansion. Being an 80’s girl myself, I love the big hair. This results in the design of the hair cut being fully revealed.

Once the cut is complete, the hair is then washed using proper products and specific techniques to enhance the curl and prevent frizz. The dreaded result for many curly hair owners. This is followed with proper styling products and delicate styling methods that again optimize the defined curly results. This also brings it down to a more “normal” size lol. I really do still think that my clients end up being the pros in this final step. After working with their hair all these years they have found some tricks of their own that work for their specific style and hair. Nonetheless Deva does have some greats tricks that may be helpful to achieve the best success with this awesome curly hair.

Finally, the curly client can enjoy the beautiful hair they were born with instead of adhering to hair trends and rules that have never applied themselves well to their hair. Enjoy!

The Deva Haircut
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The Deva Haircut
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The Deva Haircut
The Curly Hair Cut
The Curly Hair Cut
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Deva Curl

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