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CHEZ SOI 1912 – A Unique Salon Experience

Massage Cochrane

We have partnered with an excellent team of massage therapists at Chez Soi. Independent in their own right but we are proud to call them part of our team. Make the most of your visit to Chez Soi by booking with these professionals.

Stacey & Amy Massage

Stacey and Amy will be joining Zianes team at Chez Soi providing massage therapy services in her new location. We are looking forward to working with new clients and the Chez Soi community! We are passionate about health and wellness, helping clients to relieve pain and discomfort through massage utilizing therapeutic techniques and Swedish relaxation. Each session unique and customized to meet individual needs. Amy and Stacey are both registered massage therapists graduating from M.H. Vicars School of Massage Therapy in Calgary and both hold a membership with MTAA. Come see us soon!

How To Have The Perfect Massage Experience
Please Read Our Tips

When you book yourself a massage, we are sure it comes with some expectations of what that glorious appointment will look like. However there are many things that can get in the way of enjoying your massage to the fullest. We have put together a list of some of the ways you can set yourself up for the most perfect massage experience!

  1. Arrive Early: It sucks when you feel rushed or eat into your massage time. Come early so you can feel like you have fully arrived when getting on our massage table.
  1. Communicate: When you first arrive, we like to do a little check in and see what’s bugging you. Make sure to communicate your preferences clearly so you can walk away feeling like we nailed it!
  1. Let go: When we leave the room and you prepare yourself on the massage table, get settled and then take a few deep conscious breaths. This helps you to fully come into presence and let go of all the stuff that may distract you. Leave it all at the door!
  1. Pressure: Don’t be shy to tell us if you need more or less pressure.
  1. Take your time: When the massage is complete, take your time getting up and getting dressed to stay in that relaxed state.
  1. Aftercare: Drink lots of water after your massage and try to release some of the things on your to do list so you can continue to relax an unwind. Several minutes of gentle stretching in the evening is a great way to keep your body happy – even better, make it a routine every night!
  1. Plan ahead: After your massage, plan ahead for when you think you may need your next massage… booking BEFORE your body screams for it, but instead being mindful of maintaining your progress. Having an appointment booked ahead of time holds you accountable, ensures you get an appointment when it best suits you AND means you can plan your day around it so that you can enjoy it fully!

We hope this helps create continuity between massage expectations and reality!

You can book your next massage with Stacey or Amy by visiting:

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Amanda Holdenried Massage

Amanda has been practicing massage therapy since 2004. She holds her 2200 hour equivalency training recognized By the Natural Health Practitioners of Canada Association. Amanda has always had a love for health and fitness, which led her on her path to Massage Therapy. She enjoys treating sports related injuries as well as daily overuse injuries and rehabilitation for
prevention. With the use of additional training modalities learned throughout the years of practicing she incorporates myofacial release, dynamic cupping and stretching/strengthening techniques to treat her clients. Amanda has most recently taken her reflexology course and enjoys informing her clients on this ancient Chinese tradition to help aid the body in healing. She is looking forward to treating her present as well as new clients in the beautiful space at Chez Soi 1912!

Massage Cochrane


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