What to Expect from Your Appointment with The Apprentice/Junior Stylist

When an apprentice first begins working at a salon, they mostly shadow the stylist, acquiring knowledge on techniques and procedures within the salon. Learning all the health and safety guidelines as well as the beginning of shampooing, color application and rinsing, and blow drying.  There is a great deal of conversation to educate the apprentice while watching haircutting and color formulation.  At Chez Soi this includes the beginning of curly hair cutting.  Product knowledge is also emphasized at this time.  Most of the products we offer are Curly Girl friendly and have a specific goal in mind when dealing with curly hair.  No matter the hair type it is often helpful for the client to have the proper product to use at home.  The apprentice is expected to be able to make suggestion that are appropriate for the client.

Our Apprentice Joslyn

Once the stylist and the apprentice feel confident that the apprentice can begin to work a little more independently, the apprentice is encouraged to have a model (usually family and friends) come into the salon so they can do just that.  At the beginning there is a lot of stylist influence on the cut and color so the apprentice can begin to acquire a foundation of technical skill as they also begin to develop their own creative ideas.

Depending on the apprentice and the level of confidence, this stage leads the apprentice into becoming a junior stylist.  The length of time this takes depends on the individual and their level of competence. The junior stylist is capable of having a client consultation independently before consulting with a senior stylist to assure that they’ve made sound decisions before continuing.

All hair color and cuts by the Junior stylist are assessed and if need be corrected by the senior stylist, who will offer constructive feedback. This process offers the junior stylist an amazing learning opportunity and is a very essential part of their development towards becoming a senior stylist.  As would be expected, the appointment time with a junior stylist will be a little longer in order to allow time for their work to be evaluated and ensure the client is happy before leaving the salon.

    Joslyn Carson is presently the junior stylist at Chez Soi. She is already gaining popularity and though we still supervise her work, she is already building a clientele. She has been doing amazing curly cuts, mens cuts as well as any color service from retouch to balayage. Joslyn exceeds all expectations and Chez Soi is very thrilled to have her on our team. Here are some photos of her work😊

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