Silicone and Conditioning

The next issue with our traditional products is the silicone they put in our conditioners.

Because the sulfate in our shampoo leaves our hair feeling absolutely stripped of any moisture it now feels like straw. To remedy this problem, they put silicone in the conditioner. This made everyone believe their hair was conditioned because it was so soft. It was not actually moisturized but rather coated with silicone. This coating eventually builds up on the hair and prevents any true conditioning to occur. The silicone creates a build up like a plastic bag that repels everything. Inside this plastic bag your hair becomes very dry and brittle.

For curly hair which is naturally dryer this is the last thing it needs. This is why everyone thinks they had frizzy hair instead of curly hair. The number one necessity to beautiful curls is moisture.

I always test the products that I introduce in my salon, Chez Soi. I do this by using a product then returning to old products so I can see for myself the difference it makes in my hair. I have yet to find a product that does what the Deva products do. My hair has always broken off in the past and now it does not.

I thought that patch of hair on the back of my head was just genetic and there was nothing I could do about it. I can say with certainty that this is not true. Even using the Deva cleanser and using a conditioner which is said to be for curly hair has left my hair dry again. Not as bad as the ones from the past but still not as conditioned as the Deva One Conditioners. It felt like it would start to break off again like it did before.

Proof in the pudding was when I returned from New York and tried to use the Deva Hair products with the products I was already using. The deva products turned into little balls of product and would not diffuse into the hair. This was due to the silicone that was present in the other products that I was using. The moisture the Deva cream was trying to distribute through the hair was rejected. Deva Curl does not play well with products that contain any silicone and will feel sticky on any hair that is coated with silicone. Its not the Deva product that’s the problem but rather what the other products have left behind.

The first step really to having healthy hair is to get rid of that build up. Deva has a product called Build Up Buster. This product uses the Micellar Water technology to remove the “plastic bag” from your hair.

I am not a chemist but this miracle water is seen in our facial cleanser because of its gentleness on the skin and our hair deserves the same respect. Some how this product only attracts toxins and not the healthy stuff like our natural oils, and washes them away. Normal strippers are not so friendly and they can be very damaging.

Once this build up has been removed the healing process will begin immediately. Within only a few uses of the deva cleanser and conditioner, your hair will start to feel very different. It will no longer be so dry and it will start to shine without the help of a silicone coating.

For myself it was within the first year that my clients started making comments about my hair and how it looked different. It always looked dull, dry and brittle. Now my hair is shiny and like I’ve mentioned before it feels spongy.

The most essential step in having healthy hair is in the cleansing and conditioning process.

After being in this industry for 33 years I have tried many products, and wow are there a lot of products out there.

There are many claims made about one thing or the other and many have merit but the only thing that is truly important is that your hair has the toxins removed and moisturizers infused to the hair can truly show its true character. This will only happen if you ensure that your cleanser has a gentle surfactant (not just sulfate free) and conditioners that do not contain silicone. This will leave your hair looking beautiful weather you choose to wear it natural with no other products or if you choose to dress it up a little with the help of other products to emphasize its character.

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